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Ducting for stationary Filters

Stationäre Filter

MultiDust Bank Filtration

The MultiDust® Bank filter is a modular filter system that can be customized to meet your current application needs and is expandable for the future as your business grows. The modules' efficient and effective performance allows for compact solutions, while the advanced filter technology and various technical features contribute to the cost-effective operation and maintenance of the system.


MultiDust Bank Compact

The MultiDust Bank, in a compact and pre-assembled range of models, is ideal for applications where a filter is at the source of pollution.

MDB Compact


The wall-mounted stationary filter with an extraction arm is suitable if you have occasional or light welding needs.  Using this fume extractor can also be used to extract fumes from TIG welding.  We recommend use in auto repair shops, welding schools, technical colleges, small workshops, and the agricultural sector


MDB Hi Vacuum

The MDB-2/HV PRO is a central filter system with self-cleaning and a powerful integrated blower for connecting multiple extraction torches to capture fumes at the source. 

MDB High Vacuum


The WallPro welding fume extractor does an automatic filter clean on a schedule.  Suitable for various welding fume and dust applications and explicitly designed for professional welders.



The SCS eliminates harmful fumes during metalworking with self-cleaning capabilities, ensuring a safe and clean work environment.

SCS Filter
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