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Dust Extraction Systems

The processes of sawing, planing, impregnation, and coating play a vital role in the timber industry. They are essential for producing various products, such as furniture, construction materials, and other items that rely on wood.  Maintaining a clean and safe environment for people inside facilities is crucial, and you can only achieve this if you install extraction systems to remove the dust and fumes produced during production effectively. Proper dust extraction is necessary for the well-being of everyone involved and should be taken seriously. These products are crucial for dust collection, local exhaust ventilation, and the separation and recycling of waste products.

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Industrial Dust Extraction

The efficient and effective separator filtration system can be installed indoors and outdoors without concerns of weather exposure. It operates under negative pressure, collecting dust in a container with a plastic bag. Regular dust level monitoring is crucial, and bag replacement should be done when necessary. To avoid overfilling, you may opt to attach a level sensor and alarm system to the container. Cleaning the filter hoses is straightforward: quick bursts of compressed air can be manually controlled or automatically done through equipment like MT. It is best to clean the hoses when the fan is turned off for optimal results.

Schools and  Small Workshops

The SKFI school filter by Lajac! This high-capacity filter guarantees exceptional performance and includes a frequency converter that adjusts the fan capacity according to your needs. With three preset operating modes, automatic filter cleaning, and an alarm system that notifies you when the dust container is complete, the SKFI school filter is your ultimate solution. Take advantage of this fantastic filter and experience top-notch filtration results.

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Cyclone Seperator

The Powervac filter separator is an incredibly effective filter system that utilizes compressed air to capture fine dust particles. With the option of either a filter cartridge or a hose filter, this system provides the utmost flexibility. It includes a cyclone separator, tangential air inlet, and strategically placed plane filter hoses or cartridges, making it ideal for environments with high dust exposure.

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