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smoke and arm

Extraction Arms


KUA, available in multiple models, is the preferred extraction arm for capturing fume, gases, and oil mist contaminants due to its flexibility.


Flex Arm

The Flex arm provides a versatile solution for diverse welding areas. It incorporates the EasyLift system in the hinges, enabling effortless arm movement, especially when combined with a FAN-28 fan. It is suitable for both mobile and stationary welding fume extraction systems.

Flex Arm

MiniMan  75 & 100

Ideal for all types of minor dust and fume applications.  Extracting soldering fumes, vapours, and solvents using low air volumes, while the continuous airflow enables high air velocity, effectively capturing coarse dust.

MiniMan arms

Multi Smart Arm

Plymovent designs the MultiSmart™ extraction arm for uninterrupted airflow. Versatile, lightweight, and safe, the MultiSmart™ arm provides ergonomic, conveniently accessible controls. Its high airflow prevents particulate build-up and reduces maintenance costs. 

Multi Smart Arm

Economy Arm

The economic extraction arm comes with a detachable hood, enabling the attachment of extension hoses. The support mechanism guarantees stability, smooth operation, and minimal airflow restriction.

Economy arm

Extension Crane

A wall-mounted extension crane extends the reach of an extraction arm to cover extensive and multiple work areas.  The extension crane will add an extra two metres giving a four-metre reach and sporting a HandyStop lock system at the base to provide five possible positions.

Extention Arm
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